Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get trash service and recycling?

Trash service is not provided by the Association, instead you will need to acquire private trash service to your residence. There are several companies in the area which provide this service, a few of them are listed here: Choice Waste Services, County Waste, Zan’s Refuse, and Waste Management Services. Recycling services are provided via the County, residents may opt-in opt-in by contacting CVWMA at 804-340-0900.

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Who are the Utility Providers?

Power service is provided via Dominion. Homeowners may start and stop service by calling 866-366-4357 or visiting their Virginia Landing Page. Water and Sewage service is handled by the Chesterfield County Utilities Department, they can be reached at 804-748-1291. Voice and Data services are provided via Verizon Fios (1 (800) 837-4966).

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How do I stay up to date on news and events?

There are two main methods of keeping up with news and events. One is the official homeowner portal provided by our management company. Here you will find all of the official Association documentation as well as a bulletin board of official meetings and other notices. The other is the communities unofficial Facebook Cambria Cove group. Here you will be able to network with other homeowners and see all the upcoming community events hosted by the Social/Events committee.